This is the penultimate progress report  from WORKs before we head to Milan. It’s Easter weekend, we want to sit at home and eat chocolate but quite a few of our designers are putting in some serious extra hours this week to complete projects and to pack all the pieces ready for transit.

So here’s a selection of updates from Lola Lely, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Helena Karelson and Ola Mireka.


2013-03-30 15.49.04 (Fig 1.) The spalted timber lightbulb holders are now wired and ready to connect to the bronze patina  lampshades. The lampshades will be patinated by a master patineur from the renowned Bronze Age art foundry in Limehouse, early next week.

2013-03-30 15.43.13 (Fig. 2) Close-up of the wooden light fittings. Each turned piece was stained with a water based dye and then polished up to bring out the natural patina of the wood.

 HYBREED1(Fig 1.) Charlotte has selected a beautiful quilt-like upholstery fabric for her new Hybreed chairs.   2(Fig 2.) Using a mixture of  know-how and intuition, Charlotte handworks the fabric by shaping the material to the body of the chairs. 3 (Fig 3.) The desired form is achieved through a process of pinning, cutting and hand-stitching, in many ways like  a tailor making a bespoke suit. 


kitchen scale in use 2 kitchen scale in use 3 kitchen scale in use 4 kitchen scale in use 5Helena’s innovative combined kitchen scales and pouring jug measures weight and liquid volume at the same time.  This Easter, Helena has been testing out her innovative product at home, by cooking for friends. She measures the correct amount of pasta with the right amount of water for a perfect al dente pasta dish. It worked a treat.


STONKIHackney-20130322-00053(Fig 1.) STONK Light  – Ola’s  lighting structure is made from aluminium tubes, joined together by hand-forming thermo plastic into globular connectors.Hackney-20130324-00059(Fig 3.) STONKI Clock.Hackney-20130324-00065_1


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