Its all work and little play this week. At WORKs HQ, we have been finalising our exhibition design for Milan 2013. Angela Bracco is our spacial designer and curator-in-chief.  She’s doing a great job.  Most of the build will be done in London and transported to Milan for final set up. It’ll be all hands on deck in the next coming weeks. We will have images of our exhibition build for your perusal soon.

This week we are showcasing  latest projects from our WORKs designers. Exciting things are happening all across London from these up-and-coming  female designers; Charlotte Kingsnorth, Hilda Helstrom and Jungin Lee.





Working from  her Maida Vale studio, Charlotte Kingsnorth has been using vintage chair frames to sculpt in upholstery. (fig. 1) This initial sketching process is an important one; to define the overall form of the foam which makes up its body. (fig. 2) The before and after image, shows the first stages of the foam sculpting process.





Hilda Hellstrom’s Sediment urns are made from jesmonite and pigments, created through a method of layering the material until they form into precious blocks. This process is very  similar to how rock or stone is formed over millions of years of sedimentation.  Hilda was recently shortlisted for the Modern Craft award, sponsored by Wallpaper* magazine and Ketel One vodka.  An amazing achievement!





Frozen seats by Jungin Lee, utilises a method of soft upholstery which cures and hardens in situ.  A very simple and elegant way to create furniture which is both strong and soft at the same time.


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