It’s been a busy and productive first week for WORKs Collective. We have recorded experiments from Marjan van Aubel & James Shaw, Meret Probst, and Lola Lely to name a few.  All images of the selected projects can be seen below. Next week we will publish more stories about the other exciting projects from WORKs …



James Shaw and  Marjan van Aubel mixing wood shavings with their special bio-resin formula to craft  the Well Proven Chair.



Meret Probst’s design sketch for her KS_MG glassware collection( fig. 1). The charming paper maquettes and hand-made steel moulds for the glass blowing (fig. 2,3) 


PATINA LIGHTS sketchLola Patina test samplesPatina final chosen Colours         Patina_turned marble2Patina_turned marble 1

Lola Lely’s design sketches for the Patina pendant lights. Cast from bronze, the lamps are patinated with a variety of methods and chemical formulaes.  Lola has been finalising her colour palette this week and working with a stonemason in  Northampshire to turn various marble tops for the neck element.


01 finding the right textured leather(Fig. 1) Finding the right texture for the cutlery03cutting and folding cork(Fig. 2 & 3 below) Cutting and folding the leather and cork moulds.Helena Karelson Lost leather cutlery development 1Helena Karelson Lost leather cutlery 4

not so perfect piecesHelena Karelson’s sand cast cutlery uses a soft mould (in this case leather) as the “investment”.  The leather is burnt out during the aluminium casting process to leave the final metal objects. The last image shows some of the cutlery pieces that did not come out too well. What happened? The molten metal did not flow evenly and fill the entire void in the mould.  We think there’s certain charm and uniqueness about the mishap castings!


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